Shirleen Davies

Four Ways to Reduce Stress

Slow Down to Improve Stress Don’t Forget to Schedule Time for Fun Every Day – Be sure to schedule things you want to do, not just what you have to do. Fun and things you want to do should be scheduled in your calendar the same as any other task. As one day turns into […]

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Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler

Have you ever found you have more peaches than you know how to use. This is the answer: Old-fashioned peach cobbler. It’s a dessert most people won’t turn away. It’s considered a classic American dessert and is perfect for family and guests. This recipe was provided to me by a friend many years ago. Enjoy!

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Delicious Peach Smoothie

If you’re at all like Shirleen, you sometimes find yourself in the mood for something a little more decadent. Look no further than this Peach Smoothie recipe. Packed with fresh peaches, creamy Greek yogurt, and a touch of honey, this smoothie is the perfect treat to beat the heat. Imagine yourself in a sunny kitchen,

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Divorce in the 19th Century

Divorce in the 19th Century In 19th century America, divorce was a complicated issue. It involved civil rights, morality, and state versus federal authority. First, let’s talk about the reasons people divorced, which aren’t too different from today. Common Reasons for Divorce American divorce laws varied broadly from state to state. It seemed that none

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