Shirleen Davies

Characters: Burnt River Series

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Main Characters

Thorn Macklin – Oldest Macklin Brother (Thorn’s Journey – Book Two in Series)
      and Grace Jackson

Del Macklin – Second Oldest Macklin Brother (Del’s Choice – Book Seven in Series)
and Amy Peterson

Boone Macklin – Third Oldest Macklin Brother (Boone’s Surrender – Book Twelve in Series)
and Willow Robinson

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

Thorn Macklin – Owner of Scorpion Custom Motorcycles
Del Macklin – Sheriff in Burnt River
Boone Macklin – Rancher
Grace Jackson – Wolf’s Daughter
Amy Peterson – Works at Gray Wolf Outfitters
Willow Robinson – Owns Robinson’s Feed & Tack
Mike Weiker – High School Science Teacher (deceased)
Wolf Jackson – Grace’s Father
Evie Denton– Owns Evie’s Diner
Kull Kacey – Owns Wicked Waters Saloon
Joshua Reyes – Thorn’s Best Friend and Business Partner
Anthony “Tony” Coletti – Good Friend of Thorn & Josh, Business Partner
Detective Rick Zoeller – Burnt River Police
Pete Peterson – President Savage Wolves MC
Joe Nolen– Deputy Sheriff
Bobby Baker – Deputy Sheriff
Sheriff Neville “Nev” McNabb – Sheriff in Neighboring County 
Tyler Davis – Boone’s Adopted Son
Jenny Davies – Tyler’s Mother
Pierce O’Brien – Coeur d’Alene Police Department
Greg Robinson – Willow’s Brother
Carly Robinson – Greg’s Daughter
Kell Brooks – Boone’s Best Friend

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