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While Tougher than the Rest is going through final story editing, I have been doing a lot of preparation for finalizing my website, Facebook fan page, and LinkedIn information. 

Most authors have at least two social media sites they actively monitor as well as their blog and web pages. All are needed to create what has come to be known as an Author’s Platform.  The platform is the sum total of all the contacts and interaction from all their social media sites as well as information on those wonderful people who have purchased book. It is quite a challenge to find time to keep the platform growing and up-to-date. It can be even more of a challenge to find time to write. So, I have come up with my own priorities, after family, of course.

1. Write 1-2 hours each day
2. Review and answer emails 45 minutes each day
3. Respond to FB friend and LinkedIn connection requests 15 minutes each day
2. Social Media updates and participation 1 hour each day
3. Regular job – that’s about 9 hours a day

Not enough time for the family, so I guess I will just need to keep noodling this until I find a solution. Thoughts on this dilemma are greatly appreciated.

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