Shirleen Davies

Faster than the Rest


Coming Summer 2013
FASTER Than The REST, Book Two
The MacLarens of Fire Mountain series, 

Who is Jamie MacLaren?
Jamie is the second oldest of the MacLaren brothers. He is the hothead of the family. No one is more accurate or as fast with a gun. Now a U.S. Marshal, his goal is to track those kidnapped in the rugged southwest and return them to their families. 

I am just finishing my last review before submitting to my story editor. Jamie  is multi-faceted and I continue to revisit what I have written to be sure the reader is able to connect with him. I like him. He is someone I would want on my side if I were ever in trouble. Strong and loyal, he is also compassionate and passionate, but unforgiving. I hope to have a sample ready for you to enjoy by late May and would love to hear from you.

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