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Four Ways to Reduce Stress

Slow Down to Improve Stress

  1. Don’t Forget to Schedule Time for Fun Every Day – Be sure to schedule things you want to do, not just what you have to do. Fun and things you want to do should be scheduled in your calendar the same as any other task. As one day turns into the next, you’ll find this simple technique helps you relax and enjoy all your tasks.
  2. Spend Time Outside – Fresh air is a great stress reducer. During nice weather, schedule time outside. Being outside is an excellent distraction from the stress of inside work. It’s even better when the sun is out. The light shakes things up, stirring your mind and improving your mood.
  3. You’ve Heard This One BeforeExercise, Exercise, Exercise – Exercise is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Walking for twenty minutes a couple times a day may be all you need to improve stress and work tired muscles used to sitting.
  4. Journal – I know…You don’t like to write just to write. This is different. For the first five days, write down eight or more activities, thoughts, or conversations that have positively affected you that day. By the third day, you’ll be seeking out positive encounters to write down!

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