Shirleen Davies

Characters: Peregrine Bay Series

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Main Characters

Adam Monroe (Reclaiming Love – Book One)
      and Julia Kerrigan

Lincoln Caldwell (Our Kind of Love – Book Two)
and Selena Kerrigan

Calypso Kerrigan

Danielle Kerrigan

Lillian Kerrigan

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

Joshua Kerrigan – Father to Five Kerrigan Sisters
Joannie Kerrigan – Danielle and Lillian’s Mother
Madeliene – Julia’s and Selena’s Mother
Breeze – Calypso’s Mother
Tricia – Real Estate Office Manager
Jonathon Timmons – Mayor of Peregrine Bay
Herman Jost – Owns Jewelry Store
Tom Harten – City Council Member
Devlin Kerrigan – Cousin to Five Kerrigan Sisters
Matt Tarantino – Friend of Lincoln Caldwell
Shane Gardner – Friend of Lincoln Caldwell
Caid Caldwell – Lincoln’s Son

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