Shirleen Davies

Characters: MacLarens of Boundary Mountain

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Main Characters

Colin MacLaren – Oldest MacLaren Cousin (Colin’s Quest – Book One)
      and Sarah MacGregor

Brodie MacLaren (Brodie’s Gamble – Book Two)
and Maggie King

Quinn MacLaren (Quinn’s Honor – Book Three)
and Emma Pearce

Sam Covington (Sam’s Legacy – Book Four)
and Jinny MacLaren

Heather MacLaren (Heather’s Choice – Book Five)
and Caleb Stewart

Nate Hollis (Nate’s Destiny – Book Six)
and Geneen MacGregor

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

Caleb Stewart – Circle M Ranch Hand
Geneen MacGregor – Sarah’s Sister
Coral – Orphan Adopted by MacLarens
Opal – Orphan Adopted by MacLarens 
Pearl – Orphan Adopted by MacLarens
Samuel Covington – Deputy in Conviction
Emma Pearce – Friend of Jinny MacLaren
Stein Tharaldson – Owns Feed Lot
Ira Greene – Operates Telegraph Office
August Fielder – Prominent Conviction Citizen
Harold Ivers – Owns Conviction Newspaper
Jonathon Vickery – Doctor in Conviction
Hugh Tilden – Doctor in Conviction
Sam Covington – Deputy in Conviction
Nathan “Nate” Hollis – Deputy in Conviction
Mildred Evanston – Ranch owner
Jack Perkins – Deputy in Conviction
Gertie Pearce – Emma’s Mother
Big Jim Pearce – Emma’s Father
Boyd Doggett – Foreman at Pearce Ranch
Giles Delacroix – San Francisco Merchant Bank
Grant MacLaren – Colin & Sarah’s Son
Reverend Ezekial Andrews – Minister in Conviction
Clarence Maloney – Owns Maloney’s General Store
Deke Arrington – Works at Ferguson’s Harness & Saddlery
Robert “Robbie” Covington – Sam’s Son
Thomas Covington – Sam’s Father
Bayard “Bay” Donahue – Gunslinger and Attorney
Miranda Harris – New School Teacher in Conviction
Levi Abrams – Former Ranch Foreman for Mildred Evanston
Suzette Gasnier – Chef at Feather River Hotel
Seth Montero – Deputy in Conviction
Alex Campbell – Deputy in Conviction
Archie Galloway – Elderly Rancher in Settlers Valley
Jasper Hamm – Assistant to August Fielder & Bay Donahue

Family Tree

Angus MacLaren – Oldest Brother
Angus and Kyla’s Children:
• Colin
• Camden
• Chrissa (Twin)
• Alana (Twin)

Gillis MacLaren – Second Oldest Brother
Gillis and Audrey’s Children:
• Heather
• Bram
• Thane
• Lara

Ewan MacLaren – Third Oldest Brother
Ewan and Lorna’s Children:
• Jinny
• Fletcher
• Kenzie
• Clint (Twin)
• Banner (Twin)

Ian MacLaren – Fourth Oldest Brother
Ian and Gail’s Children:
• Bridget
• Alexander
• Davina
• Aidan

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