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Characters: MacLarens of Fire Mountain Series (Contemporary)

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Main Characters

Heath MacLaren – Oldest Brother (Second Summer – Book One)
      and Annie Sinclair

Trey MacLaren (Hard Landing – Book Two)
      and Jesse Evans

Cameron Sinclair (One More Day – Book Three)
      and Lainey Devlin

Brooke Sinclair (All Your Nights – Book Four)
      and Kade Santiago Taylor 

Eric Sinclair (Always Love You – Book Five)
      and Amber Anderson

Mitch MacLaren (Hearts Don’t Lie – Book Six)
      and Dana Ballard

Cassie MacLaren (No Getting Over You – Book Seven)
and Matt Garner

Skye MacLaren (‘Til the Sun Comes Up – Book Eight)
and Gage Templeton

Ernesto Santiago (Foolish Heart – Book Nine)
and Paige Wallace

Sean MacLaren (Forever Love – Book Ten)
and Ellie Russell

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

Seth Garner – Longtime Family Friend
Troy Garner – Seth’s Grandson
Colt Milton – MacLaren Attorney
Phyllis Jurgenson – Heath’s Executive Assistant
Ivan Santiago – Double Ace Bucking Stock
Reyna Santiago – Kade’s Mother
Clive Nelson – DEA Agent
J.D. Montalban – DEA Agent
Gage Templeton – Double Ace Bucking Stock
Janie Bonds – Cassie MacLaren’s Good Friend
Kurt Dobson – Fire Fighter in Cold Creek
Thad Montgomery – Private Investigator, Ex-DEA Agent
Brent Templeton – Gage’s Brother
Eddie “Gonzo” Gonzalez – Stock Manager at Double Ace
Tucker “Tuck” “TK” Kimball – College Friend of Samantha MacLaren
Nicole “Nikki” MacLaren – Cousin From Texas

Family Tree

Heath MacLaren – Oldest Brother
Heath MacLaren’s Children:
• Trey MacLaren
      • Trey’s Son: Trevor
• Cassie MacLaren

Annie Sinclair MacLaren’s Children
• Cameron Sinclair 
• Brooke Sinclair 
• Eric Sinclair 

Rafe MacLaren – Second Oldest Brother
Rafe’s Children:
Kade Santiago Taylor MacLaren
Mitch MacLaren 
Skye MacLaren 
Sean MacLaren
Samantha MacLaren
Rhett MacLaren

Jace MacLaren – Third Oldest Brother
Jace and Caroline’s Children:
Blake MacLaren
• Brett MacLaren

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