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Shirleen Davies

Characters: MacLarens of Fire Mountain Series (Historical)

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Main Characters

Niall MacLaren – Oldest Brother (Tougher than the Rest – Book One)
      and Katherine Garner

Jamie MacLaren – Second Oldest Brother (Faster than the Rest – Book Two)
and Victoria Wright Wicklin

Will MacLaren – Twin of Drew (Harder than the Rest – Book Three)
and Amanda Taylor

Drew MacLaren – Twin of Will  (Stronger than the Rest – Book Four)
and Tessa Kelly

Connor MacLaren – MacLaren Cousin (Deadlier than the Rest – Book Five)
and Grace Madison Moser

Pierce MacLaren – MacLaren Cousin (Wilder than the Rest – Book Six)
and Mollie Jamison

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

Alicia MacLaren – Aunt to Six MacLaren Men
Meggie MacLaren – Connor and Pierce’s Sister
Beth MacLaren – Niall’s Daughter
Trent Garner – U.S. Marshal
Doctor Minton – Fire Mountain Doctor
Doctor Caleb McCauley – Replaces Doc Minton
Gloria Chalmette – Owns Desert Dove Saloon
Sam Browning – Deputy in Fire Mountain
Tom – Operates Telegraph and Stagecoach Station
Jerrod Minton – MacLaren Attorney
Ross – Bartender at Desert Dove
Louis Dunnigan – Businessman in Denver
Mr. Jericho – MacLaren Family Friend
Dodge Delaney – Good Friend of Meggie MacLaren

Family Tree

Duncan MacLaren
Duncan and Elizabeth’s Children:
• Niall
• Jamie
• Will
• Drew

Hugh MacLaren 
Hugh and Colina’s Children:
• Connor
• Pierce
• Meggie

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