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Book 21: Captive Dawn

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: May 23, 2023
eBook ISBN: 9781947680784
Paperback ISBN: 9781947680791
Genres: Historical Western Romance



He stole her life, her freedom, and future. Disappearing is the only way to get them back.

Thane MacLaren is the consummate cowboy. His life on the ranch he and his older brother, Bram, are building means everything to him. Catching and taming wild horses, fulfilling Army contracts, and working with the best ranch hands in western Montana is the perfect life. He has no plans to change, until an unconscious, beautiful young woman ends up on their doorstep.

Sophrona Sadie Thompson is on the run. Tired of being controlled by a family who cares nothing for her wishes and a man who only wants to control her, she disappears into the night with few belongings and less money. Her immediate plans are simple. Get as far away from her horrid situation as possible before she’s caught.

Waking up in a strange home with people she’s never met, Sadie can think of nothing except continuing her search for freedom. Knowing her liberty is at risk, and not wanting to put the generous family in danger, she must make a difficult decision—help the struggling new mother with baby twins or disappear.

Believing Sadie is to become important in his life, Thane does everything possible in his quest to keep her close. But threats from men who want to deliver her back to San Francisco persist, posing danger to more than just Sadie.

Will Sadie allow her fear to destroy a future with the man she’s come to love? Or will she fight for the freedom to choose the life of her dreams?

Captive Dawn, book twenty-one in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series, is a full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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