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Book 24: Solitary Glen

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: June 11, 2024
eBook ISBN: 9781964063041
Paperback ISBN: 9781964063058
Genres: Historical Western Romance


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Duty drives this frontier deputy. What will happen when duty and desire collide?

Morgan Wheeler lives for his job in Splendor, Montana. He had no idea what would await him upon his arrival two years earlier. Eager to hire more deputies, the sheriff handed him a badge the same day. He’s come to love the town and its people. Especially one attractive young woman who spends her days working at the town’s orphanage.

Amelia Newhall traveled west, seeking independence from her dominating father. Finding the town more welcoming and generous than anything witnessed back east, she accepted a job at the Eagle’s Nest. Three years later, she now works at the town orphanage, finding her job both challenging and fulfilling. Her days are so busy she hardly notices the handsome deputy who volunteers his time.

Or is it her attraction to him she refuses to admit? There is little time to figure it out.

The orphanage is plagued by a series of threats which place the children and adults in imminent danger. Soon after Morgan helps eliminate the risk, another arises. At the same time, the town prepares to battle a merciless gang of roving outlaws.

Putting them in increasing peril is a natural disaster which threatens everything Morgan and Amelia hold dear. Through it all, the two must work together to thwart the threats and keep the children and town safe.

Will their efforts be enough to save those they care about? What will the ongoing struggles mean to the growing feelings between them?

Solitary Glen, book twenty-four in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series, is a full-length, clean and wholesome novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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3 reviews for Solitary Glen

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    Solitary Glen is just as a refreshing read at book twenty-four in the Redemption Mountain series as the first one by Shirleen Davies. Morgan Wheeler may be my favorite character in the entire series. Faithful to his family, has such a generous nature to help others, is dedicated to his job as deputy of Splendor and is open to falling in love. What is not to love about this character? He provides little drama or angst in the story until his family begins to write strange letters. Even then he looks for wise council. A true hero in my book.

    This story has no one big conflict like many of the previous books. Instead it shows the dangers and trials of everyday life in Splendor, Montana. These dangers and trials come from men and from nature but always the people of the town and the nearby orphanage must be diligently watching and ready. Amelia Newhall faces all of these with a strong pioneer woman’s heart and spirit. I couldn’t have chosen a better woman for Morgan than her. What a wonderful enjoyable story with a delightful conclusion.

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    Once again, I’m back in Splendor, Montana, 1875, and seeing the wonder of the town expanding, new people arriving and my favorite, the Splendor Orphanage. I personally think the kindness and caring of orphan children who arrive feeling no hope, is the wonder of this series. Wagon trains move through the area, parents killed due to crime or disease and leave behind children with nowhere to go. From the smallest child to the ones that are nearing the age to leave and find a new life, those in charge care deeply about all of them. Thanks to the town, food is supplied, deputies stop by regularly to help, and volunteers do what they can to save the orphans. Trouble does come calling on occasion but those in charge seem to find safety when needed. Thanks for a great storyline and making me smile.

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    Bonnie Peters

    This is Morgan and Amelia’s story. Morgan came to Splendor to start a new life and found a home. The orphanage that Amelia works at is in danger and children may have no where to go. Morgan torn between his new life with his budding relationship finds happiness until he gets a family plea to head back to his childhood home. This book is a stand alone but if you love series, read the series after your read about Morgan and Amelia. You will love returning to your friends in Splendid.

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