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Book 8: The Cowboy’s Simple Solution

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: July 23, 2024
eBook ISBN: 9781964063072
Paperback ISBN: 9781964063089
Audiobook ISBN: 9781964063096
Amazon ASIN: B0D3Y2PZ6K
Genres: Contemporary Western Romance



She’s a widow with a young son and a failing ranch. He’s a ranch hand with a dream and a deep love for one woman. The only thing missing is a simple solution.

Brady Blackwolf is doing his best to be a top hand at Whistle Rock Ranch. A fast learner and hard worker, he enjoys every aspect of ranching. His days are long and becoming longer. A commitment to a dying friend keeps his off hours busy helping the widow at Kicking Horse Ranch. She sees them as good friends, which forces him to hide his growing feelings for her and her young son.

Amanda Swanson wakes up each morning to the babbling of her young son and the reality of her failing ranch. If Mark hadn’t died…but he had, leaving her to achieve their dream alone. She works sixteen hours a day while taking care of her young boy. Still, she is thankful. If Brady didn’t help several days a week, the ranch would’ve been lost long ago. Their friendship, and her son, Marcus, are the bright spots in her life.

Knowing she must make a major change to turn the ranch around, she takes a gamble by partnering with another ranch. Breeding Morgans will either make or break Kicking Horse Ranch. To find success, she must take on a full-time ranch hand.

Brady volunteers. Working side by side, the lines between friendship and something more begin to blur.

Navigating the world of horse breeding, meddling parents, a brush with the law, and an obnoxious neighbor with his sights on Amanda, the two attempt to claw their way to success.

Will the obstacles prove to be more than the couple can overcome, or will they find strength in each other, allowing them an unexpected chance at a future together?

The Cowboy’s Simple Solution, book eight in the Cowboys of Whistle Rock Ranch Contemporary Western Romance series, is a clean and wholesome, full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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