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Book 5: The Cowboy’s Surprise Reunion

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: August 29, 2023
eBook ISBN: 978-1-947680-87-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-947680-88-3
Amazon eBook ASIN: B0CCLS41T4
Genres: Contemporary Western Romance

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His selfish focus on a personal goal destroyed a once in a lifetime relationship. Could there still be hope for a second chance?

Quinn Sawyer thought he’d achieved his dream of breeding specialized beef at an Idaho ranch. Realizing it wasn’t what he’d envisioned, Quinn now works for a ranch in Wyoming. The owner appreciates his skill working with Wagyu cattle, which produces meat consumers crave. Satisfied with his new job, he goes through each day with just one regret.

Abigail Kelman still can’t forget the man who left her for his dream job. Deciding a change would do her good, she accepts a position as an assistant chef at a large ranch in southern Wyoming. Challenging and fulfilling, she tackles each day with a positive outlook. Until the day the man from her past appears in the ranch’s dining room.

Neither is anxious to make the first move until events force them to face their shared past. Quinn wants to renew what they once had, while Abigail isn’t as certain.

The appearance of a person Quinn knows nothing about stuns him. The implications are difficult to accept. The impact to his family uncertain.

Focusing on the unexpected change in his life, Quinn puts his efforts to renew his relationship on hold. When additional factors come to light, his priorities change. No matter the effect the stranger’s appearance foretells, he needs Abbie in his life.

Will Quinn be able to accept the changes, allowing his relationship with Abbie to flourish? Or will he once again choose another course, leaving her behind for a second time?

The Cowboy’s Surprise Reunion, book five in the Cowboys of Whistle Rock Ranch Contemporary Western Romance series, is a clean and wholesome, full-length novel with an HEA.

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