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Book 7: The Cowboy’s Ultimate Challenge

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: May 21, 2024
eBook ISBN: 9781964063010
Paperback ISBN: 9781964063027
Audiobook ISBN: 9781964063034
Amazon ASIN: B0CW3H2XG3
Genres: Contemporary Western Romance



Two broken pasts. Two new beginnings. The ultimate challenge when history is impossible to ignore.

Aiden Winters is new to his job as a deputy sheriff in Brilliance, Wyoming. The former bounty hunter enjoys keeping the town safe while getting to know those he serves. One person in particular captures his attention more than others. Beautiful and smart, she’s the proud owner of a new business and easily makes friends—with one exception. She wants nothing to do with Deputy Aiden Winters.

Laurel Maddox still struggles with her husband’s death. Brilliance is meant as a new start, a way to begin again and put the past behind her. The success of her new business fills her time and allows her to make new friends. All is going well, except for one irritating issue. The new deputy won’t take the hint and leave her alone.

No matter how hard she tries, Laurel is unable to ignore him. From helping store owners recover after a treacherous rainstorm, to discovering they are both on the Halloween Fair committee, her efforts to disregard the deputy are as frustrating as the man himself.

Her opinion of Aiden begins to change when a threat to her personal safety forces Laurel to work with the deputy. As the danger builds, she realizes his continued presence is better than facing the peril alone.

Protecting Laurel is becoming a full-time job for the deputy. As threats against her mount, Aiden increases the time he spends with her, shocked to realize she is becoming important to him as more than a victim.

As the barriers between them begin to crumble, another heartache, and a figure from her past, pose new obstacles to the tenuous relationship Laurel and Aiden have forged.

Will the new complications be enough to end their already fragile friendship, or will they discover the path to a second chance?

The Cowboy’s Ultimate Challenge, book seven in the Cowboys of Whistle Rock Ranch Contemporary Western Romance series, is a clean and wholesome, full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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