Shirleen Davies

Tougher than the Rest


Coming Summer 2013
TOUGHER Than The REST, Book One
The MacLarens of Fire Mountain

Who is Niall MacLaren?
Niall is the head of the MacLaren family. Oldest of four brothers, a widower with a young daughter, and owner of the largest spread in the northern Arizona territory.  

Niall is fascinating and complicated. He is a real challenge to put on paper and more than once I have walked away from the computer to clear my head. He has many of the qualities I would want in an older brother, and many of the flaws I would expect. 

Niall has more than one woman in his life, which of course creates complications.  He is a leader, a friend, and touches most everyone’s life in Fire Mountain. The draft has gone through one pass with my story editor and I am in the process of completing revisions before the final edit. Hope to have a sample for you to read by late April or early May. Would love your comments when the sample is posted.

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