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Where is Fire Mountain, home of the MacLaren family?

PictureBig Bug, Arizona Territory

Where is Fire Mountain and is it a real place?
Fire Mountain is the home of the four MacLaren brothers. It is a town in 1870s Arizona territory that resides only in my mind. Ok, that is not entirely accurate. It is based on several areas of north central Arizona that I have come to love. These areas inspire the stories of the MacLaren brothers and provide the backdrop for each book.

PictureTip Top, Arizona Territory.

Contrary to what many believe, Arizona is not just made up of dry desert, cactus, and rattlers. Oh, don’t get me wrong; there are huge areas of desert wilderness, cactus aplenty, tumbleweeds and a good number of critters, both slithery and walking.
    What many don’t realize is that Arizona also contains vast pine forests, hidden lakes, and rugged mountains. Temperatures in this area can reach 95 in the summer, falling to 15 and below when there is snow in the winter. Most of this region retains little of the snow and avoids the high temps of southern Arizona. Overall, is it much more temperate than most imagine.
                This is where Fire Mountain can be found.

PictureCrown King Saloon

Historical settlements in this region include Congress, Big Bug, Jerome, Camp Verde, Crown King, Bumble Bee, Prescott, Chaparral, Antelope Junction, and Tip Top. Some of these are still with us today, such as the thriving city of Prescott and hilltop town of Jerome. Others are no more than an abandoned pile of Arizona history. All offer their own ghosts from the past and inspire much of the scenery in my books about the MacLaren brothers.

Let me know if you have a special place where your mind goes when you write or read. A place you’d use as a setting for you next book. 

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