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Shirleen Davies

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Book 11: Defiant

Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC
Published: September 28, 2021
eBook ISBN: 9781947680517
Paperback ISBN: 9781947680524
Amazon ASIN: B09C3163S4
Genres: Military Romantic Suspense



She’ll do anything to forget one horrific night. He’ll do all in his power to help her.

Sebastian “Bas” Broussard has the perfect life. His work as an undercover Navy SEAL presents constant mental and physical challenges. The occasional hookups give him all the female companionship he requires. His home is the ideal retreat to relax and unwind. The one snag in his plans is a local detective who’s determined to prove he and Eternal Brethren are criminals. A beautiful detective he can’t stop thinking about.

Darilyn Romero’s career is right on track. She’s climbed the ranks from patrol officer to detective in a short period of time. Transferring to Liberty Lake is one more step in a path leading to her ultimate goal—police chief of her own small town. To get there, her resume needs a few big wins. Bringing down Eternal Brethren will do just fine. There’s one problem. The rugged biker who haunts her days and fills her dreams. The same man she intends to put behind bars.

Bas’s amusement at her attempts to catch him breaking the law fades when real threats are focused on him and the gorgeous detective. As the danger mounts, they’re forced to forge a grudging alliance intent on identifying the source of the danger.

As attempts on their lives increase, can they locate and eliminate the threat? Or will they fall victim to those who want them dead?

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